Afrofuturism Design Theme

Afrofuturism is a philosophy of science and a philosophy of history that explores the developing intersection of African diásporic culture with technology. It is a global design movement that represents a forecast of a future for Black people while acknowledging the experiences of their past. Although a popular design force in music, fashion, graphics, and film, it has not been broadly promoted in architecture.

Afrofuturist architecture has the power to revitalize Black communities and their view of the future. It also has the power to change Western perceptions of Black presence in the projected future. Afrofuturism can be defined as a broader, more inclusive vision for both local and global futures.

It is representative of Black culture in how spaces are organized with relationships to nature, socialization, and a shared value of community. As the first Afrofuturist project in Seattle, we start with the premise of creating a future in the Central Area where the Black community persists into the future and their history is not erased through displacement.

Afrofuturism Materiality

Our Approach to Green Building & Equitable Development

The Acer House will meet the nationally recognized Green Communities Standard of building performance.

Green Communities building practices lead to healthy, efficient, and environmentally responsible homes. They promote equitable development by ensuring residents have a voice in designing their homes and creating communities connected to transportation, quality food, and critical services.