Timeline and Permitting

Because Acer House will require a contract rezone, we anticipate receiving our final permits in 2023, and opening our doors in late 2024 or early 2025

Why a Contract Rezone?

Building in Seattle is difficult, but especially so for buildings that are constrained to four floors. Our ambitions for Acer House are high, and many of our plans are costly. We need to make the basic design of our building as efficient as possible, so that we can add on all the social and equity benefits we intend to.


The most efficient building type is a 5-story wood frame structure. Wood framing is the most sustainable and cost effective construction type, and it has a height limit of five floors. Building out to this height limit will minimize our cost per unit and allow us to invest the savings into affordability and the many other benefits of our project.

The current zoning on the Acer site is for a building with 40′ height. This is lower than the 55′ zoning just two blocks to the East, and 70’+ zoning a few blocks north at Union. We believe a 55′ building at the Acer house will provide more benefit to the community without blocking any more views or subtracting from the street-level design systems.

A contract re-zone is a lengthy, costly and risky proposition for a developer. The final decision on the rezone is made by the City Council only at the very end of our permitting process. However, we have decided to pursue it because we feel the community supports our vision and we are confident the city will as well.

We hope you agree with our strategy and will lend your support to our efforts to set a precedent that will shape development in the City for the better.

Project Timeline


Site selection
Initial acquisitions
Partnership formation


Project design
Community engagement


Detailed design
Crowd-funded investment


City council approval
Final investments made




Grand opening!