As part of our EDG application, we recently completed a survey to get some input from people who live near the project site. We were very interested to learn about the community’s priorities, and will be incorporating these ideas into our concepts!


Here are some of our key takeaways.


 1. Environmental sustainability and affordable housing are the most important factors for local neighbors

2. 100% of respondents are concerned about safety, likely a reaction to recent crime activity in the area


3. Traffic management is something we need to keep in mind as we design the building

4. Overall, there is a great degree of interest and excitement for the project, as well as some concerns. Here is a selection of the written comments we received

22ndAve and Cherry has been a hub for gang violence. Do you have any plans to increase the safety of the area? Increased police presence would be wonderful

A very tall building will not be great for my property value.

This is the THIRD apartment development I have heard of within a 1 block radius that has refused to provide parking. How is there no parking provided? Parking among current residents is already impacted as it is. It is irresponsible to build 120 new units without providing ANY parking. It will be creating hardships for all the current residents. If you care about the community as much as you say you do, please do the RIGHT THING for the community by providing a parking spot for EACH unit you are building. Thank you.

Might be nice to honor the Jewish community as well that used to fill the area.

1900 African American baptist church was torn down for micro town homes just to sit vacant for years. This area should be accessible to black people and black businesses. There’s now a lot of vacancies in Seattle from investors trying to get paid! This is our neighborhood and we live here!!

During pre-COVID times, the traffic at the intersection of 23rd and E Cherry is thick; especially during school drop off/pickup times. This causes cars to cut through the neighborhood. Often these cars are speeding and not obeying stop signs and roundabouts. This project will add to the traffic and lack of parking creating more safety issues for pedestrians and other drivers.