Project Design

Acer House is being design from the ground up to a lasting improvement for the community and beyond

Our designs are evolving

Acer House is still in the conceptual phases, but we invite you to join us in previewing our concepts and evolving our designs. The below images and highlights were pulled from our “EDG” packet and reflect our thinking as of April 2021. Please check back often as we continue to make progress!¬†

Our basic design is a 5-story building built around a sunny South-facing courtyard. We intend to have a roof garden where residents can grow food and a very active street interface which gives life and safety to the block.

We plan to have over 100 affordable apartments, with a focus on an efficient and highly-livable one-bedroom design.

In addition, we will have a large pre-school space, a restaurant that serves three meals a day, and at least 6 retail spaces including one that is specially being designed to accommodate the beloved Flowers 4 You show currently at the corner of 23rd and Cherry.