“No displacement” is a critical element of our equitable development model. While we believe development is a good thing for the community overall, it can have negative consequences for the people who currently live and work on the development site. 

As such, we have committed to providing a home for all the current residents and businesses on the site. We’ve gotten quite a lot of questions about this commitment, since it’s clearly an important factor for the community. 

As such, we’d like to clarify exactly what we mean.

  • Residential: There are currently four residential units on the site. All of these people will be offered units in Acer house at or below their current rent. These residents will likely qualify for MHA or MFTE units, and as such may likely pay significantly less rent than they currently do. Arboreal, one of the partners in Acer House, has nearby apartments that can be rented by the tenants during construction.
  • Retail: There are currently three retail spaces on the site: a barber shop, a beauty salon, and the beloved Flowers Just 4 You. All of these tenants will be offered long term spaces in the new Acer House at the same rent as they currently pay, with the inflation adjustment that is typical for commercial leases. We have made arrangements with a nearby landlord for interim space to use during construction, and we will pay to move the materials out and back in again.
  • Restaurant: Based on our community consultation, the type and business model of the restaurant in our corner space is very important. Neighbors have asked for a restaurant with a strong street presence, 3-meal a day capability, and local stature. We have articulated these requirements to the operator of the restaurant currently on site, and he is considering if the space is the right fit for him.